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About Us

About VIBGYOR High School at KJ Foundation

The KJ Foundation was established with the goal of honouring youth by providing them with a setting in which they can develop their moral, intellectual, creative, and physical faculties. VIBGYOR education is structured around a comprehensive curriculum that offers learning opportunities through a variety of classes, extracurricular activities, sports, and special events.

Our Goal

At KJ Foundation, we create the ideal environment for our students to thrive creatively and intellectually. Our children are supervised by knowledgeable instructors and researchers who identify and develop each child’s potential.

We help our students develop the critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, practical knowledge, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in multiple facets of life.

Our Strengths

Academic Excellence

At KJ Foundation, we have created an extensive curriculum that is based on the world’s best practices as well as adheres to NEP 2020. We strive for excellence by treating every student individually and focusing on our learner-centric methodology.

Sports and Performing Arts

Our schools provide our students a chance that is an ideal fusion of extracurricular and curriculum-based pursuits, such as sports and cultural education. We have created a unique Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) programme that allows every child to excel, explore, and develop. 

Student-Teacher Ratio

Our goal is to enable students to thrive and take advantage of every chance. We consistently maintain an average ratio of 20 students to one teacher, keeping in mind our preference for quality above number.


Our up-to-date facilities offer students a safe and secure learning environment that contributes to the development of a supportive and nurturing space crucial for young learners.

Technology in Education

To increase the effectiveness and engagement of learning, we make use of digital materials, e-learning platforms, and interactive tools. This method guarantees that students can adjust to changing technological trends and are well-prepared for the digital age.

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